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Discover The Secret To A Fit And Strong Body With Revolution Training’s Beautiful Strength Women’s Program!

Our Beautiful Strength Program was designed to help you:

Build a Solid Foundation of strength, movement and overall health

At Revolution we know that women coming to this program all have different goals. Some want to simply get stronger, others want to lose weight or just move better. This program is designed to build a foundation of movement and skills to help you accomplish your specific goals. Throughout this program you will have the dedicated support that you need to get on the right path to the results you desire.

Learn how to train correctly and with a purpose in the gym

Strength training is an amazing addition when done correctly. Our goal is to give you the confidence to know you have the skill and technical know how to avoid injury and hit your goals. This is why we have a consistent set of eyes on every exercise, set and repetition. We want you to excel and that means you will get the best instruction possible.

This is not about losing weight or killing yourself

The fitness industry is saturated with unrealistic expectations and misleading information. This program is not a challenge or weight loss camp. Sure that can be your goal but you will learn to do it correctly and in a healthy way. We just ask that you put in your best effort and work to be the best version of YOU.

See Results Fast With Our Beautiful Strength Women’s Only Fitness Classes In Tempe!

Our goal is to provide a top notch Women’s Only strength and conditioning program for women of all fitness levels. By combining resistance, conditioning and mobility to help you move and feel better daily.

  • Learn the fundamentals of proper barbell weight training and kettlebell training.
  • Learn the correct movement patterns from certified instructors who practice what they preach.
  • Increase mobility and stability using proper Russian Kettlebell form. See your butt lifted and your legs looking better than ever. Also, see your back pain or shoulder pain disappear. You will learn all of these fundamentals and literally bulletproof your body from nagging injuries.
  • What you get: You will have an accountability coach guiding you along. You will also get an individualized nutrition plan to go with your 12 sessions.

Class starts when capacity is hit…

Class times are Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 6pm

Come To Revolution Training in Tempe And Have An Experience Worth Talking About!

With all the benefits that our Beautiful Strength program has to offer, there’s no reason to wait.

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