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  • Dane, Revolution Training System Testimonials

    After 6 long weeks the challenge has been completed. The results have been amazing losing 29 lbs and 6 percent body fat. Additionally, my blood pressure went from the 150/100 range in mid August prior to starting the program to 98/53 with a resting heart-rate in the 50's, this is in addition to my cholesterol dropping from over 200 to 130 now. Dane and the others are terrific coaches and trainers who worked hard to help me achieve this astonishing goal.

  • Victoria, Revolution Training System Testimonials

    Victoria lost 5% bodyfat and increased 5lb lean mass in 6 weeks!

  • Hernando, Revolution Training System Testimonials

  • Mike Hay, Revolution Training System Testimonials

    After 6 long weeks the challenge has been completed. The results have been amazing losing 29 lbs and 6 percent body fat. Additionally, my blood pressure went from 150/100 range in mid August prior to starting the program to 98/53 with a resting heartrate in the 50's, this is in addition to my cholesterol dropping from over 200 to 130 now. Dane and Lars are terrific coaches and trainers who worked hard to help me achieve this astonishing goal.

    Mike Hay
  • Cynthia Chiari, Revolution Training System Testimonials

    End of week 6. Progress!! I didn't expect miracles as I didn't get this out of shape overnight. 10 lbs last, muscle gains and fat down. Lots of work to put in and sweat to spill but I love feeling my body change as I'm getting healthier!! I'm now part of the Revolution family for the nest year. #loudchicaintgoinganywhere #stuckwithme

    Cynthia Chiari
  • Angel Rosales, Revolution Training System Testimonials

    What an amazing experience! I Just completed my 6 week challenge today and I'm ecstatic to say that I'm down 30 lbs and 7% body fat. Most importantly I FEEL amazing. HEALTHY! Thank you Mike, Dane and Lars for pushing me. You guys are awesome and made it very comfortable for myself. I definitely don't want to stop this journey cause I know it can lead to a way better me. Let's see if I can make a decision! Lol. I DID IT. YOU CAN TOO!!!

    Angel Rosales
  • All I have to say is THANK YOU to Revolution Training for setting me on the right path. I wouldn't say I was in horrible shape but I definitely felt I was not dieting and working out in a healthy way. I stumbled across Revolution Training on social media and was skeptic at first but the least I could do was come in and check it out and see what it was all about. After meeting with Mike and him showing me what I would be getting and the meal plan that laid out what I could eat and how much I needed to eat I felt like I was ready to sign up for the challenge. Not only did I gain knowledge about my diet but I also can walk away with knowledge on working out with kettle bells. Weighing in at 165.7 I knew I wanted to challenge myself to lose 6% body fat which i knew would be quite the challenge since my weight was low and I felt like it would be impossible in 6 weeks to lose 6%. Coming in for the weekly weigh in was motivating especially to see your hard work paying off. Now what to expect as far as the work outs go? I gave it my all in that one hour work out. I challenged myself to do more and the trainers saw that and continued to push me because they knew i could handle it. There were days where it was rough and literally had no energy but the energy coming from the rest of the individuals in the class only motivated me even more. We were all there for our own separate journeys but to see the drive that everyone had to come in for the 5:30 or 6:30am work outs only pushed us more. Overall Revolution Training is a solid facility with serious trainers and serious athletes looking to get in a good solid workout without any of the fluff that other chain gyms might have.

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    Robert Renteria
  • I've been a member of this gym for a few years now. Hands down one of the best training facilities in the state of Arizona. The owners and trainers are very knowledgeable and truly care about their clients. This isn't a place where you will get a cookie cutter program. They will listen to you and help you reach your fitness goals whatever they may be. The facility has some of the best equipment which is always a plus. Spending a few minutes here, you will know that the staff and members know their stuff. Definitely a great place to train if you are very serious about reaching your goals.

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    Andy Garcia
  • Well I really have to thank Mike and Matt for urging me to enter their 6 week challenge, even though it would put a financial strain on my life. They laid out every thing I needed from meal prep menus/recipes, to making their classes available at multiple times during the week. It took some serious belt-tightening on my budget, (and later literally on my waist!) , but with my meals being prepared a week in advance, it helped me save on my daily meal costs, which were out of control. My goal was to lose 25 lbs in 6 weeks and it would be totally free, after putting $500 up front to give us added motivation. I had ankle fusion surgery a few months ago, so I knew it would be difficult as I was limited in some the exercises i could do. The trainers always worked with me to do alternative exercises to keep me going. So with all their help I am proud to say they helped me lose 27.8 lbs total!! I highly recommend this gym for anyone from a novice to someone into bodybuilding. Very knowledgeable staff, friendly and supportive! Small ,private but very well equipped gym with everything you need for what ever you fitness goals are.

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    Joseph Feinstein
  • If I could give this gym 6 stars I would. After dieting myself down to an unhealthy, depressed mess, I knew I wanted to spend time getting strong and get my mind right. While I enjoyed the intense workouts while doing Crossfit, my back issues didn't agree with the rapid, repeated movements with the weights or the focus on speed. I looked to powerlifting as a safer alternative to build strength. I'm so happy I did. I have learned so much, and grown in strength so much faster than I had anticipated. In the short time I've been with them, I've learned how to safely bench press, and over doubled my squat and dead lift. The coaches are amazing, I see Nicki and she is hands down the best coach I've worked with. Mike, Matt and Brett are nothing short of experts. No matter whether your goal is to gain strength, size, lean down or even compete, these guys have you covered!

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    Molly Armstrong
  • Finally, a gym that I always want to come back to! I have a history of gym yo-yoing... I've been to big box gyms, small private gyms, specialized classes, big classes, you name it I've probably tried it. But I always lost motivation a few weeks or months in. It was boring or just became a chore. The secret to Rev is the people. The people at Rev keep me coming back every time because once you train at Revolution, you become part of their family. It doesn't matter what level you are at or if you plan on becoming a serious lifter or if you just want to have fun and get stronger or more comfortable in a gym environment - whoever you are, you will find a place at Rev. The trainers at Revolution have an eye for form and constantly help you to improve. I really appreciate the priority of safety, form, and prevention of injury during classes & training sessions. You won't find a better price for the constant support, advice, and monitoring you get here and you won't find a better group of fun-loving, kind, and supportive people!

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    Alex Mitchell
  • This gym is fantastic! It has a fun, yet serious environment for lifters and new gym seekers alike. Fun and friendly group of trainers and extremely knowledgeable about strength for men and women. I did CrossFit for a year and ever since I have been working with the owners( the Peltz brothers) I have seen results in my strength within a few weeks. I would highly recommend this gym, well worth the price for the equipment and knowledge that you get. They also do various fundraising meets and are very involved with other local businesses which make them stand out from other gyms.

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  • This is the Valhalla of Strength training in the East Valley... tons of kettlebells, every type of bar for strength aficionados and a serious but relaxed and helpful atmosphere. Just enough seriousness and just enough humor to keep the hardcore strength people happy and the ones new to it to grow to love it without fear or judgment. Great equipment like a Belt Squat Machine, Reverse Hyper for the lower lumbar, multi station hip machine and more... definitely a gem.

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    Pariah Hero
  • I've been working out at Revolution Training since 2015 and I've learned so much about powerlifting and the right ways to approach training. The staff are really helpful and the facility is perfect if you are someone who really wants to take lifting seriously. The equipment is exactly what you need and there is enough of it to accommodate a number of lifters at once [a good number of squat cages, 2 deadlift platforms, a wide variety and large number of barbells, mobility equipment, dumbbells, a lot of benches including competition benches, strongman equipment, and plenty of equipment to assist with accessory work]. The gym has powerlifting classes for women (both beginning and advanced) and is probably the premier kettle bell facility in the valley in terms of teaching technique/form and offering kettle bell classes. The trainers really understand how to program clients whether its for general fitness, body building, or powerlifting. The trainers are all competitors themselves and can program all aspects of your training needs [nutrition, cardio, resistance training]. The members are friendly, helpful, and willing to give a spot or critique your form when you need it! Revolution Training is definitely worth considering if you want to up your training and fitness game.

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    Beth Townsend
  • My experience at Revolution Training has been great. I recently completed a "6 Week Challenge" and can proudly say I exceeded my goal! I lost 6.5% body fat, gained a couple pounds in muscles and lost about 8 pounds. We were given a meal plan that was very specific in what we could and could not eat. I was very nervous at first, but even after the first week, I could feel the difference! The hardest part for me was actually prepping out my meals. I feel like I got it down with practice though. Everyone at Revolution Training is amazing! I never once felt intimated and really did feel like they were on my side! They coached me and made sure I was doing all the exercises properly. This has definitely been a great kickstart to healthy habits and living a healthier lifestyle (:

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    marissa godinez
  • Dennis Gunder, Revolution Training System Testimonials

    Started at 374 pounds and dropped to 252 pounds in 8 months.

    Dennis Gunder


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